Burying Le Corbusier

Here’s a clip from British Pathe of Le Corbusiers funeral.

The clip is described here:

“Various shots of the coffin of famous French architect Le Corbusier being carried through the courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France at night. On each side are soldiers carrying flaming torches. Crowd looking on. More shots of the coffin being carried through the courtyard towards the entrance. MS. Dark shot of Andre Malraux speaking at microphones. Various shots of the personalities at the funeral. “

Another description from the Fondation Le Corbusier:

“In the evening of the 31st August, the Dominicans from La Tourette Monastery placed his coffin before the altar of the
conventual church.

On the 1st September, his body lay for a few hours at 35 rue de S?vres, near his studio, in front of the tapestry ‘The dice
have been thrown’.

In the evening, twenty soldiers carrying torches escorted his coffin to the rhythm of Beethoven’s Funeral March to the Cour
Carrée at the Louvre, where André Malraux paid his last respects in the presence of several thousand people.”

The funeral apparently saw tributes paid by the President of the United States, the Kremlin, and Salvador Dali. Japanese television transmitted the funeral live.


Photograph of Le Corbusier’s funeral via

Le Corbusiers grave via

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