General Electric Halogen Candle Light Bulb.

twisthalogen.jpgAmongst Marshal Mcluhans more stunning observations is that a light bulb is information. He said we don’t recognise it because its pure information. And its true, we don’t recognise it. But on the other hand, is it entirely pure?. A trip to the local electrical store might have set him straight. A bulb is information all right, but there’s content too.

Here’s one from a selection at an average DIY store in an average London suburb. The General Electric Halogen Twist. And what a bulb!

This really is the Electric Vernacular. History and high technology together at last. And?????? in such a fulfilling relationship too. Feel the past and the future combining to make the present so nicely lit! In reverence to pre electric days, the glass twist reminds us of an era when glass was as lumpy as transparent porridge. The old-ee glass is twisted into a transparent cartoon flame shape, burning bright inside is high pressure halogen gas. The star burst of a Mercedes headlamp shining through a frozen skin of history.


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