London Design Festival Roundup

This year is a busy LDF for me and FAT

We have contributed to Cathedral’s Dolls House project. It’s a piece called Tower of Fables that we’ve made with Grayson Perry providing the furniture, decoration and a little Alan Measles to live in it.

Here’s our description:

Tower Of Fable is a fantasy about a very real piece of architecture: a toy sized remake of the Balfron Tower. This transformation brings out qualities of Goldfinger’s architecture that lie just beneath it’s surface. Brutalism here is revealed as exciting as a castle, as texturally dense as the surface of a space ship, as romantic as a country cottage. High architecture joins with the imagination of inhabitation and fantasies of play. Which, of course, is exactly what architecture should always be.

On 11th November 2013, 20 of the world’s best architects and designers will present their version of a dolls’ house in an exhibition and auction at Bonhams in aid of KIDS. Here is a link to the auction website where you can bid for ours (or one of the many others by Zaha .

The dolls houses are on show at DOMUS, 23-25 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DF

I have some sketches in part of the Moleskine Sketch Relay show at the V&A.

Designers across London have contributed their sketches and drawings to Moleskine notebooks, the results of which are displayed in the Sackler Centre, Sat 14 September 2013 – Sun 22 September 2013
V&A, Sackler Centre, Room 220

And also at the V&A is a FAT floor installation in association with manufactures Amorim, a trompe l’oeil, geometric pattern based on a scientific diagram of the cellular structure of cork.

And finally in the LDF guide book I have a short story type speculation on the future of the post-retail high street. London Design Guide 2014-2015

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