Events: AD Book Launch, Architectural Doppelgängers Panel & OMA as ‘Educator’

A quick note on some up coming events I’m involved in next week:

On Monday, 31 Oct we’re having a launch of the Radical Post Modernism issue of AD that we co-edited and to celebrate FAT will be in conversation with Charles Jencks, after which, we are promised, drinks.

Radical Post-Modernism, edited by Charles Jencks and FAT (Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob) marks the resurgence of a critical architecture that engages in a far-reaching way with issues of taste, space, character and ornament. Bridging high and low cultures, it immerses itself in the age of information, embracing meaning and communication, embroiling itself in the dirty politics of taste by drawing ideas from beyond the narrow confines of architecture. It is a multi-dimensional, amorphous category, which is heavily influenced by contemporary art, cultural theory, modern literature and everyday life.

6pm in the Lecture Hall at the AA, 36 Bedford Square, WC1. Details here

On Wednesday, back at the AA, I’m launching the Architectural Doppelgänger research cluster that I co-direct with Ines Weizman. In a panel titled ‘The Work of Art in the Presence of Copyright Law’ we will be joined by by artist Marysia Lewandowska and lawyer Daniel McClean who will discuss the role of Intellectual Property and copyright in the visual arts.

Architectural Doppelgängers investigates questions of authenticity, originality, Intellectual Property law and architecture. It argues that in the intensity of contemporary media, culture flows, and the dematerialisation of the architectural process and product, issues of intellectual property, copyright, registered design and patents are at the centre of a new vortex of creativity.

Copying, while pervasive in contemporary culture, brings profound moral disturbance to architecture as a discipline practice. Does the myth of the doppelgänger haunt the discipline where architecture’s imminent death is presaged by encountering its doppelgänger? Conversely, might architecture find a productive relationship with the culture of the copy?

2nd Nov, 3pm, Lecture Hall, AA etc … More here.

And on Thursday 3rd Nov from 7pm to 10pm, I’m at the Barbican, chairing a ‘salon’ in the ‘events space’ as part of the OMA/Progress show, organised by Public Occasion Agency who describe the event as follows:

‘OMA as an Educational Model’ brings together various individuals that use/abuse the OMA model as a means to provoke new ways of ‘learning’ in its most fixed and loosest terms. Invited guests range from former employees, to academics, collaborators, friends and founding partners. The event will consist of a number of short presentations of individual experiences that will act as a springboard for an open discussion about the role of OMA as ‘educator’. Guests will include Madelon Vriesendorp, Brett Steele, Carol Patterson, Fenna Haakma Wagenaar, Shumon Basar and many others…

More info here.

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