White Power

So Switzerland has banned minarets. In a sense, that is no real surprise coming from the home of architectural minimalism. There is something about the idea of ‘purity’ or ‘essence’ propagated by the cult of minimalism seems to echo other kinds of ‘purity’ which have far more sinister undertones. Minimalism is more than anything the […]

Generic Powerpoint Template: Delivering Bad News


Duplicate Array

Just back from Lausanne, where FATs show “Duplicate Array’ opened at Galerie Lucy Mackintosh. “Duplicate Array: Objects/Buildings/Plans presents a series of architecture, design and art projects by London based practice FAT ranging in scale from objects to buildings and masterplans. The projects explore an idea of architecture as narrative, media and communication engaging directly with […]


The Best New Building In London

This, I love. It’s on Commercial Street, on the southern side of Bishopsgate Goods Yard. An assemblage of totally ordinary elements (billboard, hoarding, fencing) and totally ordinary programmes (newsagent, advertising site, mini cab office). But the realtionship between these elements makes it something amazing. A certain kind of symbiotic relationship which forms – out of […]

Book Review: The Infrastructural City

“I learned to drive in order to read Los Angeles in the original’ quipped Reyner Banham with deadly seriousness. For Banham, LA was a culmination of his own reading of Modernism – a trajectory of machines, of gadgets and gizmos that stretched from early 20th century Futurism to the Freeways of Southern California. In his […]

A Balloon in the Pantheon


Letters From The Pantheon

“You can’t type letters in the Pantheon,” says Phillip Johnson in an archive interview recently posted to the Guggenheims website. It’s the last line in a comparison he is making between two big architectural spaces. First, the monumental, hyper-geometric space of the Pantheon and secondly, the beautiful, beaurocratic space of Frank Lloyd Wrights Johnson Wax […]

Henry Moore in Motion

Following up on this post, a series documenting Henry Moores in motion. There is something about the obvious problem of handling these giant pieces of sculpture that is both comic and touching: a little like Laurel and Hardy moving a piano, but in a way that suggests the sheer difficulty of a certain type of […]

John Yettaws improvised flippers used to swim across Inya Lake to Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu KyiSuu Kyi’s home. ]]>