Man Made Moon: St Paul’s as Selenosphere

Full Moon & Full St Paul’s Dome The dome of St Paul’s is arguably the most important object in London: a lead covered baroque sun around which the the rest of the city revolves. And perhaps its not so strange to think of this hemispherical thing as some kind of celestial body. After all Christopher […]

Old Flo House

Tower Hamlets have stirred up a hornest nest in their proposed sale of Henry Moore’s Old Flo (or as it’s officially titled, Draped Seated Woman). The statue had been essentially gifted by Moore to a post Blitz East End, sold way-below-market rate. Now valued around £20 million the council are eying the funds from the […]

Marginalia #1

Something to keep things ticking over here. A weekly collection of tweets, instagrams other scraps that might otherwise disappear into the ether. [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”” size=”500″] [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”” size=”500″] [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”” size=”500″] Roehampton Estate There is a man licking every Anglican cathedral in the UK [instapress userid=”strangeharvest” url=”” size=”500″] Rockwool behind glass detail […]

Powerless Replicas & Dud Twins: Thoughts On Placebic Objects

I’m taking part in a show called Image for a Title : Placebo Effects In The Cultural Landscape curated by Workshop for Potential Design in the Brompton Design District of the London Design Festival that opens on the 14th Sept. Curators Tetsuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens write: The point of departure for the exhibition is […]

Nostalgia for the New

Here’s something I wrote for COMMONPLACE, a version of Fulcrum published at this years Venice Biennale. Ironically for something positioning itself on the bleeding edge of newness, the New Aesthetic reeks of something suspiciously like nostalgia. It’s intoxicating vapours contain soothing notes of antiquated art historical ideas including the quaint notion of aesthetic movements and […]

Villa Rotunda Redux & The New Originals

Nigel: And then we looked at each other and says well we might as well join up you know and uh…. David: So we became The Originals. Nigel: Right. David: And we had to change our name actually…. Nigel: Well there was, there was another group in the east end called The Originals and we […]

Architecture’s Exquisite Corpse: Another Kind Of Folding In Architecture

A while ago at Studio X in NYC, I ran a what was billed as a “An Evening of Psychometric Drawing Experiments, Architectural Non Sequiturs, and Free Association”. Over the course of the evening we tried a series of drawings games. We played an invention called Architectural Consequences, a game that works just like picture […]

Aesthetics / Anesthetics at Storefront

96 Storefronts Delighted to say I’m contributing to Storefront’s Aesthetics/Anesthetics, an exhibition of 30 newly commissioned architectural drawings by 30 emerging and established architects. Each of the 30 commissioned architectural drawings will be auctioned at the end of the exhibition. Proceeds will support Storefront for Art and Architecture’s exhibitions and programs. Opening June 26th 7-9pm […]

Versioned Chairs at Send To Print

Versioned Thonet No. 14 Chair Micheal Thonet / Sam Jacob / Lionel Eid / Kit Bencharongkul I’m showing Versioned Chairs at the Aram Gallery as part of their Send To Print show on 3D printing. Versioned Le Corbusier LC2 Le Corbusier / Pierre Jeanneret / Charlotte Perriand / Sam Jacob / Insoo Hwang / Wataru […]

Half Timbered Fields