October, 2004

The Ketchup Conumdrum

The secret history of Ketchup ]]>

Douglas Coupland: Design and Fiction

William Shatner acts and sings. Sting sings and acts. Sometimes one medium just isn’t enough. Sometimes an artist, swelling with creativity, bursts the walls of their discipline. Coinciding with the UK publication of his new novel ‘Eleanor Rigby’, Douglas Coupland has an exhibition at Canada House in London entitled ‘Canada House’. Originally trained as a […]

It's a Small World

‘It’s a Small World’ is a ride at Disneyland. But because the world isn’t really that small, it’s really four identical rides in California, Florida, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo. And they are all a copy of a ride developed by Disney in 1964 as a Pepsi sponsored exhibit at the World Fair in New York. […]