November, 2004

One in a Taxi

The vast expanse of blackly tarmaced London geography is already damp with the chill dew of tomorrows dawn. But I’m stuck in yesterday, in a cab office miles from home listening to Melody FM. ‘Some-mawh-things look mmm-bedder baby, a-just passin’ thruuu’ sings Elton John. Like Elton, Architecture loves the exotic. Without exoticism, Elton reverts like […]

The Queen Machine

A fanzine on wheels: The rear window plastered with fading pictures of Freddie, the boot covered with stick-on lettering. The Queen Mobile spotted brightening up a traffic jam around Shepherds Bush. EDIT: more pics turned up a few months later on popbitch: ]]>

The Knork

“The objectives of the Knork are:???to provide a single utensil capable of providing the benefits of a knife and fork … “ ]]>

Venturi, Scott Brown and my love that dare not speak its name.

They say the first step is to admit to your vice. OK, my name is Sam and I like postmodern architecture. My love for this universally reviled twentieth-century movement began in bargain bookshops. The architecture section was like a Battersea Dogs Home of monographs. Books with titles like Postmodernism Triumphs in London looked up at […]

Polictical Placards

A Contribution to the Ethical Taxonomy of Political Signage ]]>