January, 2005

Happy Death Men

Build to Let

The government plans here outline how they hope to address the problems of affordable housing. Zoe Williams in the Guardian blames buy to let : ??????buying to let is naked greed, and the real reason behind the housing shortage??????. She??????s arguing that its the middle classes exploitation of differentials between the rental and freehold markets […]

Architectural Criticism gets Sharp

Niagara Falls

It’s as simple as a cartoon landscape. The river flows over the the edge of the Niagara escarpment, jagged like a snapped cookie. The water forms a smooth radius like polished jade as it turns from horizontal to vertical. Its a large piece of scenery in constant collapse. Staring into it feels like looking at […]

Ornament is Grime


FA(ke) Cup

An amateurish reproduction of the FA Cup, fashioned imperfectly out of clay. Produced for Icon Magazines table football tournament by these fair hands. ]]>

Q&A: Wouter Vanstiphout

‘First it was politically taboo to attach societal problems to the theme of immigrants; then 9-11 happened; then Pim Fortuijn linked female emancipation and gay tolerance to religious intolerance among Muslims, thus making it ‘okay’ to be critical about immigration policies and religious groups. Then he was murdered and total moral panic broke out, with […]

X-treme urinals

Unigate Cowscape

As the M3 leaps out of London over Hanworth, the roof of the Unigate dairy provides a strange flat landscape populated by miniature but anatomically correct models of cows (in this photo, they are those grey blobs on the horizon). Grazing on asphalt 4 stories up. Maybe it is meant as some kind of city/rural […]

Spray-on Snow

I’ve always loved spray snow. Call it instant-seasonalness, or climate in a can. Here it is sprayed onto a pub windows in a way that simultaneously conjours the ghosts of Dickensian christmas’ and low grade graffiti (perhaps the decorative equivalent of Run DMCs ‘Christmas in Hollis’ – heres a sample lyric: ‘The rhymes you hear […]