February, 2005

Building a Lionel Richie Head

Ornament is Grime 2

‘In theory, the patio would have been a nice place, the size of a barbecue and a chair, but instead there were bags of beer cans and booze bottles piled up so high that we’d have to hold back the trash to keep it from spilling into the house every time we opened the door. […]

An Incredible Smell of Roasting Coffee

The last two weekends, I’ve been driving back into London on the M4. It’s changing. First, there are Olympic banners strapped to every lamppost between Heathrow and Chiswick. But stranger than that is the incredible smell of roasting coffee. It happens just before Heston Services, giving you just enough time to picture a frothy cappuccino […]

Flatpack Frenzy at New IKEA

Langlands & Bell – The House of Osama Bin Laden

It’s Langlands and Bell like you’ve never seen them before! Those cerebral Turner Prize contenders in an action packed adventure. ‘The House of Osama Bin Laden’ is a diary of Langlands and Bells two week trip to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. Pages of video grabs, documentary photographs, a diary. There’s some art […]