May, 2005


I was watching ‘For your Eyes Only’ this weekend. Early on, Bond goes to spy on the baddies hang out. He’s hiding in a bush, peering through his binocular/mini camera at some kind of Mediterranean country club. There is a pool, there are girls, there are baddies in Speedos and towelling robes. And what are […]

Untitled (Plastic Sack and Timber)

It’s a few rubble sacks lined up in a road with a white painted piece of 2X4 balanced on top. But there was something striking which I’m sure wasn’t at the forefront of my neighbours mind when they were saving a space to park a skip outside their house. Maybe its the formless-ness of a […]

Berlin 1945 – The Obscene Picturesque

There has been a lot about the 60th anniversary of VE day. The History Channel has gone particularly big on it – you can skip across the channels as though they were stepping stones to keep it All WW2, All the Time: The Road to Berlin, The Second World War in Colour, The Last Days […]

Football, Abstraction and Urbanism

Pizza Planet

In my darkest hours, my friends deserted me. Betrayed and abandoned, I was alone. Well, almost alone. There was someone I could call. It was Ahmed. He took the orders at Dominos. During my miserablest year, he gave me Pepperoni Passion (large) almost every night. It was that which got me through it. It certainly […]

Goal Sculptures

An all new project: Strangeharvests Goal Sculptures ]]>