June, 2005

White Cubed Blues

‘Can Buildings Curate’ AA, Bedford Square, London. April/May 2005 Storefront, NY Sept 2005 Some things are so deeply culturally engrained that you can’t see them – even if you are looking right at them. Architecture possesses an almost magical ability to be gigantic yet almost invisible. It can be imbued with tremendous political ideology, yet […]

Poundbury, unexpectedly, in the rain

I went to Poundbury yesterday, unexpectedly, and in the rain. Poundbury is Prince Charles’ new town – his personal architectural utopia. I thought I’d find a verbatim verncular, a remake of the Dorset towns that surround it. But actually it’s something far more difficult to pin down. Part historical fantasy, part business park – its […]

The Exploding Concrete Inevitable. Lou Reed and the Casa da Musica

I’m in Porto. I’m getting out of a taxi in front of OMAs new Casa da Musica. It feels like something is happening: There are news vans with satellite dishes on top, TV reporters caked in makeup checking their messages, camera crews hanging around smoking. There are wires trailing out of the building. There are […]