July, 2005

First Cut – Case Closed

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been Googling long and hard. Ive been looking for the place that Rod Stewarts video for ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’ was shot. If you ever see it, its got a great dandified version of Rod walking up a staircase. The song lasts as long as it […]

The Texas Tower

The “Texas Tower” was an Air Force radar station that collapsed in a storm in 1961, wiping out the entire crew. This was the United States first line of strategic defense using these early warning radar picket link ]]>

Its All About the Big Benjamins

Here’s part of the brief I’ve written for a three week summer school at the Architectural Association. I think I might have gone off on one … London is home to Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is an idea. It sets a benchmark – through its singularity, it enables regularised connections between geographically distant places. But […]

G8 Security Tower

An image swiped from Indymedia.org.uk of part of the G8 security perimeters up at Gleneagles. ]]>