September, 2005

TomTom Mobile 5 / GO 700

Like many North West Europeans, my annual summer holiday usually begins with a ritual catastrophic relationship failure in an attempt to turn off at the right junction on the Paris orbital road. This soul sapping ritual serves to demonstrate just how little you and your partner can achieve as a team, and how pathetic you […]

Winning Design

Cycling into work yesterday I ran into England’s Ashes victory parade. I stood at Ludgate Circus and watched the open top buses go past. Up front were Flintoff and Pieterson. They were clutching something very small – a replica of the Ashes urn. For those of you not versed in Cricket lore, the Ashes is […]

Another Croydon

I, Sam Jacob, being of sound mind and body do hereby … Hold On: More accurately – being of slightly skewed mind and body do here by publish some pictures of a nifty little shop at East Croydon station. Along side key cutting, shoe repairs and pet tags, they also offer Memorials. Here is their […]

Holiday Snap II : Giant Glowing French Balls

As you approach the tool booths on the French motorways, standard road etiquette collapses into road race anarchy. Cars scoot across the tarmac looking for the shortest queue. Once through the barrier, there’s a thrilling burst of acceleration over unmarked road. Maybe to help contain this freeform driving, there are some giant red plastic balls, […]

Holiday Snap: Canadian War Memorial, Vimy, France

I remember reading a quote that suggested the First World War was a reinvention of landscape – though the quote was better, and I can’t currently place it. This photo shows the no-mans land at Vimy Ridge. It looks, even after so many years, very alien and un-natural. Pounded by shells, pitted with huge bunkers […]

Pecha Kucha London

Icon magazine have franchised Klein Dythams Petcha Kucha format ?????? loads of speakers, 20 slides, 6 seconds per slide. It was Icons second go last night at the ICA in London. As a veteran of the Apple Store Petcha Kucha, I was first up. My 7 minutes mainly relied on the cheap Pantomime trick of […]