October, 2005

Book Now For Christmas

Wondering In A Winterland. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter. Hold on. Let me rewind that glib phrase and start with the backstory: Think of the universe. Think all the time it has existed, and think of all the matter in it. Imagine it expanding and spinning. Think of the orbits […]

Requiem for a Toilet Seat

In the spirit of Hello magazine, let me invite you into my lovely toilet. Well, actually, you’re too late, but just in time for the requiem. I’ve got the builders in right now, and amongst the stuff they’ve slung onto the skip was this: a white polyester toilet seat with the lid sculpted to look […]

Architecture that Destroys

“Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry” is the story of a renegade clerk, written by the English avant guard novelist B.S. Johnson. His character, Malry, takes double entry bookkeeping and uses it to define his relationship with the world. Morality, hurt, injustice, unfairness are logged as debts – just as a business might log financial debits. […]