November, 2005

Football Pitch: Best of British

The Times are doing a round up of the best of British Design. My nomination is the Football Pitch. This is what I said: “The design of the football pitch is elegantly simple. A giant sized graphic that distils footballs origin as a village vs. village free for all, played over a landscape of fields, […]

The Sad Photographer

I think were becoming immune to photographs. Over exposure through magazines, posters and screens filled with photos has blunted the sharp thrill of seeing the world frozen into image. Ubiquity means we have built up resistance to its effects. Photography is really a function of technology. When the technology changes, so does the meaning of […]

The First Cut is the Cheapest – Blenheim Palace: pop architecture that goes for the jugular

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been Googling long and Googling hard. I’ve been looking for the location where Rod Stewarts video for ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’ was shot. The whole video consists of a dandified Rod walking up a staircase in a Baroque garden. The stairs have a water channel running […]