January, 2006

The Electric Cenotaph

In Times Square, stranded between 7th Avenue and Broadway, there is a modern folly. Actually a recruiting station for the US Army, it looks like a lot more. A glazed box, either side of which displays a giant glowing American flag – made out of coloured fluorescent tubes. It??????s as though someone at the Pentagon […]

Russian Rok

It’s a bluetooth enabled, data transmitting rock – as used by British spies in Moscow. The recently uncovered spy ring had placed this hollowed out rock in a park. Apparently they communicated with it via their PDAs or mobile phones. Its a classic in the bizzare world of espionage design – as so brilliantly fictionalised […]

Dinner in the Iguanadon

From the Radio 4 website: “On New Year’s Eve 1854, 21 leading scientists sat down to a sumptuous seven course banquet – served in the plastercast mould of a prehistoric beast! They were there to celebrate the creation of 33 life-size dinosaurs in the new Crystal Palace Park – a place where those same monsters […]


I’ve just installed these pieces are part of a show Fat are in at MOT, Bethnal Green. Details follow: INTIMATE SPACE January 7th – February 11th 2006, Anish Kapoor, Yuko Shiraishi, FAT. curated by Rajesh Punj Open Fri, Sat, Sun 12-5 or by appointment MOT Unit 54/5th floor Regents Studios 8 Andrews Road London E8 […]



Fork Hook

Build Your Own Fork Hook In 22 Easy Steps! 1. Visit a large generic DIY Store. 2. It should ideally be a large industrial shed, filled with a bewildering range of products. 3. Walk past the aisles of paint, miniature candyfloss makers, bags of cement, fireworks and Victorian shower cubicles. Ignore them, however competitively priced, […]

Rest In Peace


California Dreamin'


What happens when you cross a pen with a car?

The novelty section of the toy shop – rather than the Conran shop, 100% design, or other such self procliamed designer havens – is the bleeding edge of contemporary design. It’s here, in the pocketmoney marketplace, that a car has seemingly swallowed a pen – or perhaps its the other way around. It is a […]