February, 2006

Marchitecture. Architectural things to do in London this March

I’ve written this for the London Architecture Diary. If March has the same effect on you as it does me, you??????ll be feeling like a forcibly de-hibernated Blue Peter tortoise. Plucked from a cosy, dark cardboard box and thrust into the glare of studio lights, you might need to refresh your memory of what the […]

Metallic Jet Powered Cloud

Finally found a copy of this photo – first published in the Evening Standard in early Jan, taken by photographer Alisdair Macdonald. It’s a digital composite photo taken over 1 hour of the sky over a housing block in Hounslow, next to Heathrow airport. An amazing view of a huge metallic jet powered cloud, constantly […]

“When we got married I had no idea he would do something like this, he just said he was going to do some decorating.”

From – embarrasingly enough – the Daily Mail website. “With Its ceiling frescos, gilded cherubs, marble pillars and chandelier, it has drawn admiring comparisons with the Palace of Versailles. Only the widescreen TV in the corner betrays the fact that this is no stately home or museum, but Dennis and Norma Nelems’s two-bedroom retirement flat. […]