March, 2006

The Psychotic Utopia of the Suburbs and the Suburbanisation of War.

When I’m watching TV, I hear my daughters crying in the canned laughter track. It’s just one of the sublimated, mundane horrors that shadow our everyday lives. They are lucid, alternate versions of our everyday actions that begin as physic tremors deep within us. These wordless soliloquies mesh with the stories, myths and images of […]

LegoLand London Cluster

Like some kind of satire-free Gulliver, I’m striding across a concrete landscape inside a large white tent. It looks like a desert marked out with spray paints. Stretched over a large geometric canyon is a Lego model of Tower Bridge. It looks as though a terrible toy town disaster has decimated London leaving a solitary […]

In a Lonely Place – Under Construction

Here is a preview of a Fat exhibition opening tomorrow at the RIBA in London. It’s called ‘In a Lonely Place’ and features a giant blow-up ball. You enter the structure through a half timbered structure, up a staircase and into interior of the ball. The ball is punctured with dots that seem to form […]

Design Will Eat Itself

Imagine a Faberge egg fertilized by a Monster truck and you’ve got the genetic pool that spawned Gillette’s triple bladed M3 Power Razor, the world’s first vibrating razor. The surfaces of the handle have been worked over completely. Rubberized nodules, a fine metallic grid, and faux titanium ribbed like a flight case tickle, grip, and […]