April, 2006

Estuary Urbanism

A couple of highlights (perhaps the only ones) of a small presentation I did at the RCA this week on the Thames Gateway. The basic premise was arguing for some kind of vision which could make sense of the bureaucratic demand for 30 ?????? 500 000 new houses in the area. And that this vision […]

The Royal Families Trees

It??????s Queen Elizabeth??????s 80th birthday today. So a royal theme to this post. A while ago, I was watching a news report about the Queens tour of Australia. She was planting a ceremonial tree in the grounds of some institution. It was next to a tree that she??????d planted many years ago. It struck me […]

Everything Flows: ideological cartography

“Tory, Tory, Tory” was a great three part documentary on the rise and fall of Thatcherism. You might still be able to grab it from uknova.com with any luck. These stills are taken from a moody reconstruction of a diagram drawn by John Hoskins- at the time a computer systems analyst. He applied a logic […]

How Geostationary Was My Valley?

Driving back from Portmeirion through the Snowdonia, with valleys rising up around us, curving almost impossibly towards the sky, I was wondering what exactly it was that I was reminded of. Amongst this wonder of natural beauty, there was something most un-natural that came to mind: those brilliant 70s illustrations of space stations. Remeber those […]