May, 2006

Mini Mies Chair

“Honey I Shrunk the Modernist”. Want one? ]]>

Topsy Turvy VSBA: Inverted Heros of an Upside Down Avant Guard

Contemporary architecture has spent much time and energy making buildings that look as little like buildings as possible. It has been ably demonstrated over the last 10 years that it is feasible to make buildings look impossible – as though they are about to fall down or split in half. The constraints are no longer […]

Harvest III: Buried Things

A piano has been found buried under rocks at the summit of the UKs tallest mountain, Ben Nevis. Is there any wilderness left? Not much if David Cameron can pose by an arctic ice sheet for a PR stunt, or 54 people reach the summit of Mt Everest on one day. There are many stories […]

The Harvest I

Currenly looking down the back of the sofa trying to scape together enough to bid on this Titan 1 missile base . Which is probably the perfect HQ for the new breed of internet architecture critic. The kind whose quasi conspiracy theory logics, insatiable appetite for quirkiness, love of the marginal, and distain for sunlight […]