August, 2006

Perfect Sound Forever: The Secret Function of High End Stereos

If you want to, you can see pretty much any band that ever existed playing live, as long as they aren’t too dead. You could see the Doors, with Ian Astbury from the Cult as Jim Morrison or perhaps Queen, without Freddie but with Paul Rodgers from Bad Company. It gets worse: Rick Buckler, the […]

Picture of the Week 1

40000 square feet of antiques : ]]>

A Little Light Product Placement

A quick plug for a few recent publications that I have contributed to, available from all good incredibly obscure and highly specialised bookstores right now! ‘5 Codes: Architecture, Paranoia and Risk in Times of Terror’ with other contibutions from Noam Chomsky, Beatriz Colomina, Shumon Basar, and Eyal Weizman amongst others. Perspecta 37: Famous Perspecta 38: […]

Some Advice To A Young Designer

Dear Reader, At top industry parties, young designers – who must have blagged their way in – often ask me: “Hey Sam, what is your secret?” They say: “How come you seem to breeze through the world of design with such ease?” They also say “I love your sweater!” but that’s just because of my […]

London and on and on

London is more a process than a plan, a series of events that have precipitated structure, texture and grain. In this sense, London is not so much as a city as a phenomenon, almost like a kind of geology ?????? perhaps a sedimentary bed laid down over years, slowly compressing into solid mass. Amongst the […]