October, 2006

Foam Gargoyle

This, staring out of a Grosvenor Street shop window: A lump of expanding foam characterised with marker pen and cigarette butt. ]]>

New Tory Logo: A Hazy Shade of Politics

Watching a political party try to reassemble itself is a fascinating spectacle. And over the last year we’ve been watching the Tory party attempting to recast itself as something approaching electabiliy after three poll-spankings at the hand of New Labour. Their first project has been the creation of a single personality: Dave. Big faced, swept […]

Jeff Koons, Rem Koolhaas, Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Serpentine

Some thought it too dangerous to attempt under a helium filled balloon. Nevertheless, like a summit between the forces of good and the forces of evil (though which is which isn’t entirely clear), Rem Koolhaas and Jeff Koons appeared together as the jewel in the crown of Koolhaas and Hans Ulrich Obrists Serpentine Pavilion lecture […]

Souvenir Empire

Warhols ‘Empire’ is showing at Coskun from 9 – 15 October. Which is excuse enough for me to post links to some StrangeHarvest remakes: Souvenir Empires: These are scaled recreations of Andy Warhols ‘Empire’, shot using souvenirs of the Empire State Building. The length of each film is scaled to the height of the souvenir. […]

Celebrity Scents: The Bittersweet Smell of Success

I’m wading through marketing blurb that reads as though Heat magazine has been MagiMixed with a compendium of Victorian poetry. Which I suppose is entirely appropriate because these blurbs concern the modern reinvention of the gentle art of perfumery. The blending of oils, spices, herbs in delicate balance has, over recent years become an alchemy […]