November, 2006

Backpeddling into the Future: The Historical-Futurism of British Architecture

I recently shared a platform at the Yale Centre for British Art with Ed Jones and Robert Maxwell. We were there representing architects in a conference about architectural history. Specifically, our brief was to address how architects use history. Between us, I think we managed to offend everyone in the room. Why? Because as Robert […]

Miss Selfridges' Feeling for Fake Snow. The Oxford St. Lights and Why We Need Artificial Winter

Oxford Street fills me with dread – as though something terrible is about to happen. Perhaps because it still echoes with the footsteps of prisoners who walked its length on their final journey from Newgate Prison to the Tyburn gallows. By the shivers in my water, I’d guess the gallows were around the back of […]

Nelsons Cavern

This graphic in the Times today shows what is described as a ‘monstrous hole in the ground that is Britain’s biggest pothole’. Starting 65 ft below ground, the cave descends downwards for 464 ft. It was discovered by three potholers who dug though a passageway that had been blocked by a rockfall. They had been […]