January, 2007

Sint Lucas in BD

Here’s a link to >>Kester Rattenburys BD review

Old Walton Bridge

Designed by William Etheridge and built 1748-50, The Walton Bridge was much admired for its ‘strength, contrivance and remarkable great arch,’ and was even described as ‘the most beautiful wooden arch in the world ‘ – beautiful enough for Canaletto to paint it twice – the image above is a crop of one of these […]

Kiruna: The Town That Moved

This January, Sweden’s northernmost town of Kiruna, 145 kilometres into the Artic Circle has decided to move itself 4km in order to save itself from sinking into cracks created by the worlds largest iron ore mine. Kiruna grew thanks to the mine but the industry that created the town threatened to eventually consume it. Most […]

Spray On Magnetic Defense

Marshall McLuhan explored the relationship of the body to global communication describing television as an extension of the optic nerve, radio an extension of your ear and so on. Electricity, he claimed, extended our central nervous system. Now however, we are sometimes more nervous of our bodies proximity to the apparatus of the global village. […]

Chris Cornish: Prototyping History

Rapid prototyping is usually associated with blobular pseudo-futuristic design. This kind of design is yawnsome, derivative and usually presented in a hysterically blinkered manner … but perhaps worst of all, what it tells us about the future is a lie. In truth, the future is something much more complicated. This piece is part of a […]

The Jubilee Gestalt Vase

Perhaps the strangest of the many products made to commemorate the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977 was this vase. It borrows from the Rubin Vase Illusion, devised by the Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin in which we are not sure if we are looking at a vase or at two faces staring at each other. Here […]

The Most Visited Location in the UK

Unsubstantiated Factoid of the Week: The most visited location in the UK is, apparently, IKEA in Warrington. ]]>

'Its beauty will know no season'

Astroturfing The Central Reservation of a Texan Highway: Apparently the cover image of a January 1971 issue of a magazine called ‘Texas Highways’ (which I would love a subscription to). The feature article is also scanned and available here . It describes experiments in astroturfing highway medians and traffic islands with a special landscaping surface […]