February, 2007

House / Boat

‘House Washed Out to Sea by Tsunami: Schooner rides at her mooring after towing a house back into harbour. The house had been washed out to sea during the Burin Tsunami of 1929. The tsunami caused 28 deaths in Newfoundland and was the worst earthquake-related disaster in Canadian history.’ The text is taken from ‘The […]

Reading Lines: Skateboarding and Public Space

More product placement: I’ve contributed to photographer Steve Harries new book ‘Reading Lines’. The book is a collection of photos of London skateboarders and the public spaces they explore, exploit and interact with. Here is my contribution: We are surrounded by manufactured landscapes, by environments created out of ideas, culture and – even occasionally – […]

Mountain Sculpting

An amazing set of photographs documenting the construction of the >>Crazy Horse Memorialthings