March, 2007

1.51 Miles Of String

Some shots of the installtion of a FAT project currently on show at Selfridges in London, titled ‘1.51 Miles Of String’ This is not a shop, or rather it’s not quite a shop. It reworks Marcel Duchamps ‘Mile of String’ exhibition design for the 1942 ‘First Papers of Surrealism’ exhibition in New York. Here, the […]

Google Earths Vertiginous Mapping

Craig at >> flip flop flying

Church of the Ascension and Descension

Military forces install a shrine, created by the Serbian Orthodox Church, on the disputed border between Serbia and Montenegro. Photograph by Savo Kovacevic, 2005. This great image is from >>a site promoting

Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles

Architectural critic Reyner Banham explores Los Angeles in this 1972 BBC documentary. a great find via >>City of Sound

Replica Bombs

“Video footage of scientists demonstrating the potential explosive power of devices used in the alleged 21 July attacks has been seen in court. Woolwich Crown Court heard evidence from explosives expert Clifford Todd, whose team carried out the mock blasts. He said they blew up replicas of the devices alleged to have been used by […]

The Invisible Bungalow

“A farmer who built a bungalow inside his barn to bypass planning laws has been ordered to demolish the structure” reports the >> BBC Archigrams Pastoral Futurism > this > this