April, 2007

Hollow Inside: Starbucks Foam and the Rise of Ambiguous Materials

Ten years ago, if you’d ordered a coffee anywhere in Britain, you would have found yourself looking down at a circle of watery brown liquid with a smattering of bubbles scattered over the surface. It looked as though someone had added a dash of detergent to dish water and then blown into it absent-mindedly through […]

Revisions to the Architecture of Hell

The pope is about to abolish the notion of limbo, the halfway house between heaven and hell, or as Dante had it, the fist circle of hell. The >>BBC

Crufts: Dogs, Design and Aesthetic Genetics

A woman in a Robin Cousins tuxedo dances with a dog wearing a flashing LED collar to a James Bond medley. They’ve got moves that combine Saturday Night Fever with police dog about to take down a suspect. Spotlights spin around with a heady visual reel. The crowd gets into it. The camera swoops around […]

Eos Airlines: Executive Bubbles over the Atlantic

The food chain is a concept that was probably never intended to carry irony. Nevertheless, I’m on a plane tucking into poached salmon 30 thousand feet above the spawning pools where this very fish may very well have been born. The salmon is a cast member of a ‘restaurant-quality gourmet meal’ – a set piece […]

London's Ugliest Buildings

London isn’t a beautiful city in the classical sense. It’s more an agglomeration of unorganised stuff. It’s more a two thousand year draft of a city, with rewrites to plot, characters and events scrawled all over its terrain. It’s a city where your state of mind is as important as the physical fabric. For example […]