June, 2007

Festival of Nostalgia

London’s most famous empty building is reopening this week. The (Millennium) Dome is reopening as the O2. And all that public money that created it (???850 million apparently) has subsequently been hijacked by a private entertainment corporation to create a US style entertainment quarter. The Dome’s High Tech futurism has become buried beneath a layer […]

The Clapham Trainwash

I’ve been trying to get a good shot of this building every morning from the window of my train. And failing. Here are my best efforts: blurred, over or under exposed and so on. The building is a train-wash between Clapham Junction and Queenstown Road. What gets me is its ordinary industrial shed exterior contrasting […]

Airports as Music

I was listening to “A Telephone and a Rubber Band” about Simon Jeffes, founder of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, while driving west through England last week. In the programme artist Emily Young recalled ‘hot dates’ with Jeffes when they would visit Heathrow in the middle of the night to listen to all kinds of noises […]

Test Card Dummies

A small selection from the hundreds of YouTube hosted testcard transmissions. The BBC version is quite possibly the most important piece of post-war British graphic design. They seem to combine nostgalgia for childhoods lost mixed with the irony of posting essentially still images (albeit with super soundtracks) on a website dedicated to the dissemination of […]