August, 2007

How to Plan A New Town

A 1948 government information film promoting and explaining the planning of new towns. ]]>

Carpet Bomber

A former FAT intern, Katharina Wahl, sent us a link to her final project. It’s really great – a Stuka bomber made out of carpet -so I thought I’d share it with you. ]]>

In Search of Britains Vehicular History

As is customary here on Strangeharvest, it’s time to share some pictures of this years summer holiday. Maybe its a primary school hangover … Anyway. Above is a photo of Sutton Hoo. It’s the site of Britains most important archiological find: an Anglo Saxon burial ground with two ship burials. Amazing stuff. But another nugget […]

Scenes in Cartoon Deserta

Perhaps the greatest design company that never existed is ACME, that make-anything, deliver-anywhere parody of consumerisms seemingly limitless offer. ACME brand-stretched before brands even recognized themselves as brands. ACMEs speedy delivery of anything to anywhere – even to the sparsely populated desert, home to serial ACME customer Wyle E. Coyote reminds me of Reyner Banhams […]

Scary Suburbanism: Why Horror is at Home in the Suburbs

I glimpsed this, half asleep, half watching an old X Files. It’s from a 1993 episode called “The Post-Modern Prometheus”. IMDB precis the plot: “A letter to Mulder from a woman who has become twice pregnant through strange circumstances, brings the agents to her small town. There, Mulder and Scully discover a mad scientist who […]