September, 2007

Un Clear Monument

‘The iconic white dome of the Dounreay nuclear plant could be turned into a hotel under proposals put forward by the UK Atomic Energy Authority’ writes the BBC “The golf ball, as it is known locally, faces being demolished as part of the ???2.9bn decommissioning project at the Caithness site. However, the UKAEA said it […]

Place Faking: Instant Heritage for the Thames Gateway

To the Building Centre, where Finn Williams has a show on called “Place Faking: Instant Heritage for the Thames Gateway”. And if you do get down there, be sure to pick up one of the ‘heritage brown’ booklets, featuring a discussion between myself and Finn as well as contributions from Peter Murray, English Heritage and […]

The Marc Bolan Memorial Crash Barrier.

It’s the 30th anniversary of Marc Bolans death today. Down in Barnes, just over the crest of the bridge, there’s a day-long fan tribute centred around the tree his Mini crashed into. This is an old post, that somehow got lost in the archives here at Strangeharvest, which seems appropriate to dust down today. It’s […]

Warped Domesticity

Some great pictures of a stretch rubber ceiling warped by flooding. It is as though the ordinary domestic interior has been overwhelmed by some sci-fi ‘problem’ (monster? fungus? melting ray?). It is reminicent of Mufs ‘Purity and Tolerance‘ – an installation at the archtecture foundation which they described as “An immersive environment as critique of […]

The Nuclear Heritage Coast

As promised, some more holiday snaps. This time of the building neighbouring our campsite. It was certainly kept as a surprise – Sizewell loomed up right at the last minute. And strangely, in all the research I’d done on Suffolk ‘Heritage Coast’, I’d found no reference to a massive nuclear facility. Which either says something […]

Enjoy The Silence: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nothing-ness is the ultimate product of modernity. It is the culmination of a cultural vector, sharpened to a point where the mechanisms that enable it appear to vanish. This point is where the focus of modern day magic: technology and organization becomes alchemic- substance dissolves into air, mass turns to light, accumulated wealth turns into […]

The Story of O (2)

In the flesh, Prince is a lot funnier than his reputation might suggest. He kick-starts his show at the O2 arena – the new incarnation of the Millennium Dome – with ‘1999’ as if reminding everyone of the venues traumatic birth. His eighties-MTV-existentialism might have been an epitaph for the lacklustre state-sponsored millennium show: two […]

Telly Savalas Looks At Birmingham

More urban planning video nostalgia. This time the hard to believe juxtaposition of Telly ‘Kojak’ Savalas and an appreciation of Birminghams motorways. “You feel as if you’ve been projected into the 21st Century, … Yes, it’s my kinda town. So long, Birmingham. Here’s looking at ya.” You’ll have to click here to watch the video. […]

X100: A Design Exercise

I’ve just started teaching at Yale. The first project was a kind of ice breaker, and I thought I’d post the brief here. You’re very welcome to have a go yourselves. X100 If you repeat a word, saying it out loud 100 times, the word begins to lose its meaning. It starts to sound strange, […]