November, 2007

Little Magazines Seen Today

Next Tuesday (the 27th), I’ll be at the AA gallery discussing the ‘Clip/Stamp/Fold‘ show. The blurb: “The event brings together some of today’s most interesting editors, publishers and critics to reflect upon the legacy and influence of 60s and 70s print culture, the nostalgia it sometimes induces as well as our contemporary magazine scene. Includes […]

James Bond Lives Next Door: Suburban Imagery as Industry

Pinewood Studios has announced plans for a huge development which combines – in a move of either supreme logic or inspired surrealism – movie making and sustainable development. The 200 million GBP Project Pinewood will centre on a 100-acre site next to the existing studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. The “Project Pinewood” website tells us […]

The Ghost of Christmas Futurism

There are still pumpkins in the streets in the town of New Haven (as Jim Morrison might put it). But step into Starbucks opposite the Yale Center for British Art, and you’ll fast forward a season. Yes, it’s Christmas time already. That means Starbucks usual signs – including my favourite ‘Geography is a Flavour’ – […]

Petrified War Machine

There is a remarkable memorial to WWI at Hyde Park Corner in London – the Royal Artillery Memorial, designed by Charles Sargent Jagger, dedicated in 1925. It’s a strange monument that sits between two traditions. On the one hand, its material and form is neo-classical. On the other, the Portland stone has been sculpted into […]

Military Deceptions

As promised, some pictures from a great book called ‘Masquerade, The Amazing Camouflage Deceptions of World War II’ by Seymour Reit. Here, an stylistically accurate addition to the boudary wall of the Houses of Parliament disguses a machine gun emplacement. A US army HQ disguised as a rubbish pile. Along side these great photos (and […]

Chapters for an Imaginary Book About Architecture

It’s often a struggle to frame my terms of reference for thinking about architecture – or to articulate what it is that drives my interest. Sometimes clarity comes from unlikely sources. As I took a look at the top search terms for StrangeHarvest, a certain kind of clarity seemed to emerge. Foam Party, Gummy Bear, […]

Shrouded Plinth – Urban Striptease

I was passing through Trafalgar Square this morning and caught the unveiling ceremony of Thomas Schuttes 4th Plinth sculpture – Model for a Hotel 2007. The sculpture itself is ok, but I was really taken with the billowing shroud suspended from a crane that wreathed the plinth before the unveiling. It’s a device for a […]