January, 2008

A Wishing Well with a Fat Up Pipe

Phone Boxes, quite understandably, are facing an uncertain future as this BBC story explains. It reminded me that a good few years ago, I’d made a quick project for Time magazine about this very issue. If we’re all walking around with mobile phones, then is there anything more useful we could do with these points […]

Pseudoccino: Instant Coffee Foam

An addition to the foam hall of fame, spotted on site in Hoogvliet, Holland. It’s Cappuccino froth in a can. You can read more on the rise of foaminess in an earlier StrangeHarvest post > here

Yesterdays Technology, Today

Back to the fabulous Modern Mechanix magazine, or rather the superb online archive maintained here (“Yesterdays technology, today”). Its pages are like a 1940s version of Dezeen, with a dash of Neaorama, a dollop of WMMNA and a sprinkle of BldgBlog – like looking at a satire of our own obsessions through the lens of […]

Blown Up: More Inflatable Military Stuff

This scheme in a 1950 issue of Mechanix Illustrated – archived here – proposed a series of “rubber bubbles, housing radar sentries, hidden in the icy peaks of America’s northernmost mountains” which, it was claimed “could be our first line of defense against any A-bomb attack.” The article explains further: “To obtain maximum radar range […]