February, 2008

Detroit Sucks: The Motor Shows Last Gasp

I’m more a road man myself: tarmac, verges, signs, road markings, bridges, roundabouts, and the timeless joy of the Little Chef on the lonely highway – all that kind of stuff. But cars never really got me. From Toad of Toad Hall to Clarkson (and endless architects who will bore you with classic car enthusiasms […]

Mies' Grave: Cut Out Model

As I’m in Chicago, I thought I’d dredge this out of the archives. It’s part of a series of cut out models that I made some time ago. download the pdf here Free with the model comes this link to piece called ‘Sorry Mies’ I wrote (but never quite finished) on Mies, John Dillinger, the […]

All You Can Eat

Chicagos super-cool Marina Towers in early morning fog. I’m on a mini-tour of the US right now. I’ll be lecturing at the University of Illinois at Chicago on Monday 18th Feb. If you fancy coming along, I’ll be in Room 1100, Art+Architecture Building at 6 PM with a laptop, a powerpoint and some stories about […]

Valentine Machine

Image via Flowers are symbolic of all that is beautiful, natural and normal – and that Valentines bouquet that you just received is a symbol of the natural love felt for you by your partner. But of course, nothing is either natural or normal – but it can be beautiful. It’s more than likely that […]

The Tools of Re-Geography

Perhaps a significant way to track the incredible scale and speed of the current global construction boom is to take a measure of the number of tools produced. The Evening Standard reports that “Earthmoving equipment maufacturer JCB has delivered record results on the back of growth in emerging markets. Latest accounts show that after-tax profit […]

Floating in a New Town Sky

In advance of the Architecture Foundations ‘New New Town’ Symposium – which is on the 20th-21st Feb – I thought i’d post the famous Milton Keynes ‘Red Balloon’ advert. Amazingly, in a world where it feels like every piece of media ever made should be instantly accessible, its only just been uploaded to YouTube. Amongst […]

Authentic Replicas: Football and the Franchising of Place

The English Premier League is proposing an extra 39th game per season. After each team has played each other home and away, the extra game would be played in random pairings in stadia around the world. The rights to host this game would be auctioned. It’s an idea that’s both an inevitable conclusion of the […]

Folk Football: Landscape, Space and Abstraction

During the 14th and 15th centuries, today would have been the day of the big match. Shrove Tuesday was the day that games of freeform Folk Football were played. They were tumultuous affairs in which village competed against village (or, it seems other arbitrarily oppositional groups such as married men against bachelors), in teams of […]

Haystack House

Another story about a haystack and a house. This involves farmer Robert Fidler who, as the Daily Mail report ‘managed to secretly – and unlawfully – build the imposing mock Tudor structure in one of his fields, shielded behind a 40ft stack of hay bales covered by a huge tarpaulins. Once it was finished, he […]