March, 2008

The Nihilistic Beauty of Weapons Arranged in Patterns


Light Vessel Automata

Anyone who has heard the strange phrase ‘Channel Light Vessel Automatic’ as part of that mysterious daily national ritualistic chant of the Shipping Forecast will have wondered at its meaning. Perhaps it is the multiple possibilities of meaning of ‘light vessel’ or the strange addition of ‘automatic’ at then end that makes it such a […]

Dogs: Britains Greatest Design Obsession

Crufts 2008 has just concluded. Though it calls itself a dog show is actually a design contest in disguise. Dogs are perhaps Britains most sophisticated design product. Just look at some of the contenders for Crufts ‘Best in Show’ to see the incredible result of hundreds of years of breeding, of genetic manipulations over generations […]

Madison Avenue Modern

American modernism, as has been noted, is very different from difficult, perverse, maniacal European Modernism (I’m using big and small ‘m’s as way of denoting the difference here). Nowhere can this be better seen that in the advertising illustrations of Charles Schridde. These images produced for a Motorola campaign – intended to demonstrate the lastest […]