April, 2008

41 Hours in an Elevator: The Movie

Super Colossal posts some CCTV footage of a man who was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. As Marcus writes, it’s ‘a little like watching a bug in a jar’. I’d like to see the unedited footage to experience the ful extent of architectures horrifying, motionless boredom. Maybe it’s the kind of detail you […]

NASA: Mapping the Moon with Sport

Dan alerted me to these images which have been released by NASA. Strangely, there seems to be no accompanying explanation. I guess sports fields are being used a vernacular unit of measurement to suggest the scale of exploration carried out on the surface on the Moon by Apollo 11 crew members Armstrong and Aldrin. Sports […]

Lemon Squeezy: Design Tendencies after the Juicy Salif

Design as a functional activity ended with Philippe Starks Juicy Salif. This iconic lemon squeezer thrust its sharp tripod legs into the heart of Modernism. From this point on, designers would never be able to escape the inherent useless-ness of their activities. As bitter juice trickled down the sculpted chromed surface it dripped anywhere but […]

Stadium Seat Mosaics

It’s a big year for stadiums. Olympic year means a series of spectacularly good and spectaculary bad stadiums are almost complete for this summers games. Meanwhile designs for Londons 2012 stadiums are caught in a loop of revision, press release and public vilification. The problem for stadium designers is to work out where the design […]