June, 2008

Vintage Tradeshow Surrealism: International Grune Woche

1976 – A tree from sausages was the main attraction at the combined Turkish stand A selection of archive photos from Berlins “International Grune Woche” exhibition, which is, apparently “the internationally leading public exhibition for the food, agriculture, and gardening industry”. These displays suggest the inherently artificial nature of agriculture and food production – the […]

BLDGBLOG'S 4th of July Interview Marathon

I’ll be with my Fat colleagues Sean and Charles at the Pop-Up Storefront in Exhibition Road, South Ken. on Friday 4th of July at 5pm where we’ll be in conversation with Geoff Manaugh of BldgBlog. Earlier in the day you can catch the AOC and many more. Details here. ]]>

Log 12

I have a short review of Madelon Vriesendorps show “The World of Madelon Vriesendorp” out now in Log 12. More here ]]>

Hayward Petcha Kucha

I’ll be Petcha Kucha-ing again, this time at the Hayward Gallery on Wednesday 25th June – along with Geoff Shearcroft of the AOC, Oliver Salway of Softroom, Tom Emerson of 6A and many, many more. ]]>

Moving Houses: Buildings In Motion

A small selection of the YouTube clips showing buildings on the move. Architecture with its foundations severed, jacked up onto trailers and heading out onto the highway. There’s something unsettling about seeing so much stuff that is supposed to be stationary in motion – as though the buildings were all on the move through their […]

The Fountainhead

I’ll be introducing a screening of The Fountainhead on 28 June, at 12:45pm in the East Wintergarden of Canary Wharf, London. More ]]>

Define Your City: Lessons on the Architectural Characters of London

I’ll be with Patrick Lynch of Lynch Architects, Liza Fior of muf, Jamie Fobert of Jamie Fobert Architects & Deborah Saunt of DSDHA at Southwark Cathedral on 8th July, where we’ll apparently be “wrestling with different articles of faith, from boroughs to infrastructure and balancing historical analysis with contemporary critique.” All accompanied by an improvising […]

Desktop Study: The Strange World of Sports Studio Design

Another tournament, another ridiculous table. A bunch of clapped out old pros sitting around in studios attempting to drum up interest in a tournament that England couldn’t qualify for … The BBCs Euro 2008 studio is a glass box overlooking the rooftops of Vienna – You can see the construction process on this Flickr feed. […]

Married to the Eiffel Tower: More Objectum Sexuals

The Eiffel Tower is often a symbol of romance, a site of romance, or a backdrop to romance. But in this case it becomes the object of romance itself. Channel 5 brings us a documentary on the woman who has married the Efiffel Tower. Erika La Tour Eiffel, like Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer – the woman who […]

60 Years of The Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota, is such a great thing that I shouldn’t need an excuse to post it here again. Today marks sixty years since the sculpting of the mountain began back on June 3, 1948. So, in honour of this remarkable project, here are those mountain sculpting photo sequence again. ]]>