July, 2008

Olympic Model Protest

The IHT reports: “Beijing will permit public protests inside three designated city parks during next month’s Olympic Games, but demonstrators must first obtain permits from the local police and also abide by Chinese laws that usually make it nearly impossible to legally picket over politically charged issues. The arrangement announced Wednesday marks a break from […]

Spouting Off: Some Thoughts On The Fountainhead

I recently introduced the classic movie, the Fountainhead which was being screened as part of the London Festival of Architecture in the strangely appropriate setting of Canary Wharf. The Fountainhead is the best Hollywood movie about architecture, but that’s not saying much. Unlike lawyers and doctors, architects don’t get much screen time. And if they […]

Form Follows Dysfunction: Bad Construction & The Morality of Detail

So bad its good: the perversity of windows cut into window frames suggests a different order of architectural composition, as well as a weird tension between the old and new. Why should bad building be quite so fascinating? This selection, from a collection on darkroastedblend document some of the most bizarre freaks of construction-gone-wrong – […]

Floating Homes

After Homes on Wheels, comes an even more unsettling set of videos showing Floating Homes. ]]>