August, 2008

The Secret Language of Surface

Image via The super smoothness of contemporary architecture often makes it feel frictionless – as though you are skimming across its slippery surface. When you try to look at it, it simply confronts you with a reflection of something else – your own reflection peering back at you. Shininess is a quality applied to a […]

Some Housekeeping

Regular visitors may have noticed a slight revamp to Strange Harvest. Comments – after a long hiatus – are back. So … comment away! There’s a logo, which is a clip of a old science fiction book called Strange Harvest which seemed kind of appropriate to appropriate. The jacket describes Strange Harvest as follows: “This […]

Information Fields: Agriculture as Media

Here’s a picture of a new crop-circle advert for Papa Johns pizza somewhere in Colorado. I’m a sucker for these things. It’s partly the scale, partly the fact its nature made un-natural. It’s also the way these things seem to splice aspects of the crop circle fad of the late 1980s and early 90s which […]

My Bloody Valentine: Sound as Substance

I feel like a tourist visiting my own youth. I’m at the Roundhouse in Camden to see My Bloody Valentines comeback performances and I’m surrounded by various versions of what I could have become: balder, hairier, thinner, richer, or those that refused to grow up. And we’re all on edge, about to relive part of […]

A Cubist Copse: Gehrys Serpentine Pavilion

Summer pavilions appear like a heat rash over London between May and September. The subtext of these temporary structures goes something like this: Architecture might be different! Architecture might somehow be free! They are models of alternatives: vague architectural utopias. There is something naive (in a good way), but something patronising about pavilions. There is […]