September, 2008

Stonehenge: A Black Hole At The Heart Of British Architecture

There’s something about Stonehenge which seems to send plans for its new visitor centre around the bend. Recent plans by Denton Corker Marshal have been scrapped, and a fresh OJEU is out for those brave or foolish enough to take on the challenge. I’m not suggesting that the project suffers any kind of supernatural curse. […]

Replica Victoria Falls

FROM THE OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK, NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR, 1939, THIRD EDITION The mammoth replica of Victoria Falls measures 186 feet long by 22 feet high, and, over its man-made precipice, a torrent of 60,000 gallons of water per minute roars with a voice of thunder. Natives in Africa named these mighty falls, “Mosiotunya” (“Smoke […]


The Popemobile: Mechanised Robes & Motorised Architecture

The Popemobile is not so much as vehicle as a form of mechanised robeing – a vehicular extension of the Papal robes, which is probably why – with a few exceptions – the Popemobile is always white. The Popemobile is also a motorised version of the Popes throne – a motor-throne if you’ll will. And […]

Tarmac Adam, Tarmac Eden

Images via The most interesting stories about design are not design stories. They are the ones that allow us to think about the nature of design outside of the constraints of professions, clients, budgets and so on. And one of those if the story of the origins of the tarmac road. At its heart is […]