October, 2008

Leg Work


World Architecture Festival

I’m packing up my powerpoint and heading off to Barcelona for the World Architecture Festival – “a unique event celebrating the world’s finest work from the world’s greatest architects”. I’ll be presenting FATs Heerlijkheid Hoogvliet project, which has been shortlisted in the Civic category. I’ll be on stage sometime between 10 and 12 on Wednesday […]

From National Geographic: “Massive beams of selenite dwarf human explorers in Mexico’s Cave of Crystals, deep below the Chihuahuan Desert. Formed over millennia, these crystals are among the largest yet discovered on Earth.” ]]>

Ruburb-ric: The Ecologies of the Farnsworth House

Seeing the Farnsworth House up to its neck in floodwater is enough to bring out OCD symptoms in even the most relaxed of us. Just imagining the whiteness of its frame, its transparent walls, and its reduced abstraction lapped by the muddy waters of the Fox River makes me itchy, uncomfortable and agitated. The anxiousness […]

Lubetkin Lecture

Along with Charles and Sean, I’ll be at the recently restored Hawksmoor masterpiece, Christchurch, Spitalfields on Tuesday night where we’ll be talking around some of the ideas / motivations / tactics that preoccupy our work at FAT. Details below: The 17th BCA Berthold Lubetkin Memorial Lecture to be held on Tuesday 14th October 2008; 1800 […]

The Architecture of Divorce

A Cambodian couple have – in a move apparently inspired by Gordon Matta-Clark – found a novel solution to the probems of property and divorce. Moeun Rim and his wife, Nhanh, who have been married nearly 40 years, have sawn their house in half in order to avoid Cambodias costly and convoluted divorce process. According […]

via ]]>

Flagrant Delit: The Movie

A screener of Madelon Vriesendorps 1979 animated film. ]]>

Landscape as Clothing

We’ve looked at tactics of camouflage before – the disguise of machine gun turrets as neo-gothic extension of the Houses of Parliament, the inflatable architecture of hallucinatory military equipment and so on. But this is new to us. Ghillie suits are an intersection of landscape and clothing that allow soldiers to become their background – […]