December, 2008

Sim Seasons Greetings! The Rise of Neo-Winter

Bill Owens, Reagan on TV via Denise Scott Brown recalls her childhood bemusement at being asked to make Christmas cards depicting snowy scenes of Surrey in the summer of colonial South Africa. The idealized cultural image, dislocated and juxtaposed by Imperialism: Downs against veldt; winter against summer; Europe against Africa. But equally, snowy Christmas card […]

Steven Meisel photoshoot, 1983 “I was having the time of my life.” Says model Kelly Emberg, “I just love Steven. His pictures are the hottest thing since Richard Avedon. There’s simply nobody who can get you into a fantasy the way he can.” “Nastier!” yells out Meisel, “Stranger!” … via ]]>

Geography in Bad, Festive Drag.

One of the conceits of our globalised word is that we feel able to duplicate places. It is a sensation that perhaps arises out of easy and frequent travel, out of instant communication, out of the inescapable torrents of images that passes for contemporary culture. It’s an idea that a place might be franchisable – […]

The Ruins of the Future

Every success harbours the seeds of its own failure. Somewhere in the hubristic peak of what feels like complete accomplishment lurks the complacency, arrogance and absence of doubt that fans the inevitable, all-consuming bonfire of vanities. It’s just this kind of raging self-immolation that has cindered the global economic landscape – in days, the terrain […]