January, 2009

2 The Lighthouse: Self Storage & Architectural Hallucinations

At first it seemed like it must be an architectural hallucination. A lighthouse, deep in Feltham, about 75 miles from the nearest piece of coastline. But here, in the leftover piece of ground next to the A316 flyover that’s been half heartedly converted into a low grade retail park, behind Wicks builders merchants, as real […]

Ceci N’Est Pas Une Pipe: Infrastructure as Architectural Subconcious.

This morning Russia turned the taps back on resuming gas supplies to Ukraine and Europe. Millions of Europeans have been without heat since the failure to renew the old contract, which expired on 1 January, as the BBC reports. I thought it an opportune moment to post a piece I wrote for the catalogue of […]

Viva Sectional Cinematography!

A section is an architectural drawing convention which cuts vertically through a building. It shows everything all at the same time, and in doing this it allows us to look at a building in an entirely different – and unnatural – way. It’s a view that is entirely different from the way you would actually […]

Now Showing: The Installation of an Irreversible Axis on a Dynamic Timeline

Big thanks to Rick, who swiftly solved the mystery of the half timbered brutalism which came up in the preceeding post. It turns out that the images were stills from a startlingly brilliant film made by Zeitguised – “a lateral studio for moving images …. Zeitguised’s high gloss artschool 3D punk blends complex geometries, surreal […]

Plug: Junk Jet

I have a couple of pieces in the second issue of Junk Jet (link to suitably mid nineties animated gif-tastic website). One on the Popemobile, and the other on bad, really bad construction. Its great to see such a messy, un-resolved and obscure publication – one that would sit well amongst the archi-fanzines that make […]

Josh Azzarella. Untitled #23 (”Lynndied”) Next Nature ]]>