February, 2009

Strange Harvest Visits: TU Berlin

A short note to say that I’ll be giving a short talk at the TU Berlin this coming Monday. So if you are lucky enough to be in Berlin with a free half an hour, it would be great to see you there. Details: March 2nd, 15.30pm TU Berlin, Raum A053, Architekturgebaude, Strasse des 17. […]

Now Viewing: Married To The Eiffel Tower

We wrote about the condition of Objectum Sexual in previous posts, here and here (with the amazing story about the woman married to the Berlin Wall: “The Best and Sexiest Wall Ever Existed!”). Now via Art Fag City, we’ve found the documentary. Watch Married To The Eiffel Tower [Part 1]??|??View More Free Videos Online at […]

Le Corbusiers Image Hoard: Poeme Electronique

Edgard Varese & Le Corbusier, Poeme Electronique, 1958 Multimedia installation at The Philips Pavilion at the World Fair via more here ]]>

Giant American Signs: Original Learning from Las Vegas Footage

Footage shot as part of Learning from Las Vegas studio, 1968 Thanks to Jim Venturi, who has put some clips from the ‘Learning From Bob and Denise’ movie project up here. ]]>

Giant Soviet Signs Cut Into Forests

“100 Years to Lenin”, made 1970, Siberia Google maps “60 Years to USSR”, made 1977. Google maps “100 years to Lenin”, made 1970 Google maps “Lenin”, date unknown Google maps “Lenin”, date unknown Google maps “Glory of Communist Party”, date unknown Google maps “USSR 50 Years”, 1967 Google maps “USSR 50 Years”, 1967 Google maps […]

Bricks Melted Into Icicles: Napalm Decorative

These pictures (from the ever fascinating English Russia) show an abandoned fortress that was used by the Russian army to test an alternative to napalm. The super high temperature of the napalm-substitute melted the bricks, which formed into icicles creating these incredible and somewhat terrifying grottos. via Neatorama ]]>

C-Labs 'Unfriendly Skies' & 'Bootleg' Volume

‘Unfriendly Skies’ is a beautiful project by C-Lab which surveys the skies of disaster movies. It’s part of the ‘Bootleg’ issue of Volume produced for the New Museum exhibition “Urban China: Informal Cities” (February 11-March 29). It seems to recall Constables exercises in cloud painting shot through with an apocalyptic bent. Though here of course […]

The Foolish House

Foolish House, Ontario Beach Park in 1910 via Flickr ]]>