August, 2009

Henry Moore in Motion

Following up on this post, a series documenting Henry Moores in motion. There is something about the obvious problem of handling these giant pieces of sculpture that is both comic and touching: a little like Laurel and Hardy moving a piano, but in a way that suggests the sheer difficulty of a certain type of […]

John Yettaws improvised flippers used to swim across Inya Lake to Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu KyiSuu Kyi’s home. ]]>

On My Steel Horse I Ride

Some photos a giant bronze statue of Edward VII on its way to the National Conservation Centre. Wouldn’t it be an idea to make more public monuments mobile? A fleet of Henry Moores circling the M25 for example, or complex choreography of military generals performed by flat-bed trucks in the traffic system of Milton Keynes? […]

The Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition

Thrilled to be on the jury for Archinects Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition. They write: “Michael Jackson lived one of the most extravagant, magnificent, and crafted lives in centuries. What act of design could possibly outshine the combined effect of the star’s own intricate life? While the music and images Michael left us will seal […]