December, 2009

Beyond: Values and Symptoms

Excited that Beyond issue 2 is out. Alongside luminaries both literary and architectural including Douglas Coupland and Francois Roche, I have contributed a short story titled “Everything Dale Myres Could And Couldn’t See”. The story chronicles a digital animators increasing obsession with the assassination of JFK which leads to ever more byzantine recreations of Dealey […]

Sub Plan

Sub Plan is a research project developed by an AA summer school unit led by Finn Williams of Common Office, David Knight and graphic designers Europa. It’s a guide to what’s known in the UK as Permitted Development. Permitted development is a subset of planning legislation which attempts to define the point where you no […]

Shenzhen: Window of the World

Back from Shenzhen, where amongst the super-speed urbanism is the model village Window of the World. Along side the kinds of thing you might expect (Big Ben, a giant sized miniature Eiffel Tower and so on) are some less likely candidates: Brazilias National Congress, Lenins Mausoleum, Niagra Falls and Mont Blanc. Oh, and Gaudis Park […]

White Power

So Switzerland has banned minarets. In a sense, that is no real surprise coming from the home of architectural minimalism. There is something about the idea of ‘purity’ or ‘essence’ propagated by the cult of minimalism seems to echo other kinds of ‘purity’ which have far more sinister undertones. Minimalism is more than anything the […]