March, 2010

Election Aesthetics

Over at Election Aesthetics, we will be following the upcoming UK General Election from a visual culture, aesthetic and design perspective. Posts will come from top British designers and design critics so it should prove to be an interesting dissection of designs role in contemporary politics (as well as an experiment in issue-based group blogging). […]

Sign Language

The Worst Condition Is To Pass Under A Sword Which Is Not One’s Own

The most fascinating show about design in London this year (and we’ve had a lot of design shows) is not a design show. Michael Rakowitz‘s ‘The Worst Condition Is To Pass Under A Sword Which Is Not One’s Own’ at the Tate (on till 3 May) is the most revealing study of how design, fiction, […]

Design Will Kill Us All, Horribly, Again & Again

Hausu, La lampara asesina from seres on Vimeo. 2.31 minutes which set out in the clearest terms the deep seated antagonism at the heart of design. In the end, design will suck us in, tear us apart, spit us out, and spray us with blood. At least physiologically. (From the incredible 1977 film Hausu.)

More Scenes In Cartoon Deserta

When you find yourself in times of trouble, historically speaking, its quite likely you’ll find yourself in a desert. For Satan in Paradise Lost, for the Israelites fleeing Egypt, for Mark Thatcher on the Paris Dakar rally, deserts are places we become lost in or are exiled to. Equally, they are places where beyond-normal things […]