July, 2010

Sex and the City 2: Big Screen Urban Theory

This is the title sequence for Sex and the City 2 where Carrie describes the urban history of Manhattan. It’s of course a barely coded signal that the whole film (if not the whole SATC franchise) is a seminal text on contemporary urbanism. I’d like to point you in the direction of a piece I wrote […]

Pound Shop Baroque

This is the Strawberry Table for the AA‘s Projects Review opening that I designed in collaboration with my teaching partner, Tomas Klassnik.

Boring Video Games: Escaping the Tedium of Digital Fantasy

Traditionally the subject matter of simulations is exotic and spectacular. Simulations set up narratives that indulge fantasy, allowing us to do something beyond the possible. Like most digital technology, video games have adhered to this model (there are exceptions –Paperboy & Nintendogs spring to mind). There is an analogy in digital technologies impact on architecture […]

Geography Collapsing

It’s strange how things rise and sink in the internet. I first saw this many years ago, then lost it. Over the last few months it’s been cropping up all over the place. It’s a map produced apparently by Paramount Studios in 1927 showing locations in California that could perform as the backdrop for much […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Photocopiers

Brutalist Cottages, Bamboo Rolexes & Other Back-To-Front Speculations

Thames Town is a development outside of Shanghai that has had its fair share of interweb screentime. But like many fakes, replicas and copies, it’s not the end product that’s fascinating. After all, the ambition of a fake is to mimic the attributes of something that already exists so closely that we cannot tell the […]

Obscure Design Typologies: Incident Tents