August, 2010

Drawing Workshop, Venice Biennale

I’ll be in Venice next week  for the Biennale where I’ll be hosting a drawing workshop at the British Pavillion on Saturday 28th August from 2.30-5.30pm. If you are in Venice do drop by … it should be fun. The workshop will be, for want of a better expression, a Post Ruskininan psychometric drawing experiment. We […]

Steven Meisel: Desire, Fear and Beautiful Stupidity

Steven Meisel is back with another “controversial” Vogue shoot – the latest in a series that’s been dubbed  ‘atrocity porn’ and previously seen swine flu, war and terrorism as scenarios within which to act out fashion imagery. This time it’s the Gulf oil slick that’s aproviding the topical leverage in that old environmental-disaster-as-edgy-fashion-forward aesthetic muse […]


Once a week, on my way to teach architecture, I would climb the steps at Baker Street Tube Station. Silhouetted against the Marylebone sky was the unmistakable figure of Sherlock Holmes. Except it wasn’t the historical fictional detective made flesh but a tall boy in an ill-fitting costume holding a pipe and looking bored. Like […]

Resurrecting the Dodo: The Death and Life of Urban Planning

Sitting in the Burger King in the center of Almere – the Dutch New Town built on land reclaimed from the North Sea – it suddenly struck me that this might be the culmination of the entire history of urbanism. Chewing on a Bacon Double Swiss I looked out of the burger joint onto the […]