September, 2010

Deep Copy

“The three R’s: Repetition Repetition Repetition” – Mark E. Smith, The Fall We’re gearing up for the start of term at the AA. This years studio will be looking at the idea, the reality and the profound architectural significance of copying. Here’s our opening gambit: The greatest gift of the digital revolution is copying. Cut! […]

Upside Down & Inside Out Picnic Table

Sometimes, design is not what you design but how you improvise with whatever might already exist. Here’s a great example: an upside down and inside out picnic table where the table becomes a seat and the bench becomes a table. Probably the kind of inspiration that only hits you just after closing time.

Airport Chapels

Image via Being in an airport is as close to weightlessness as you can get while keeping two feet on the ground. As you check in and pass through the barriers and systems that verify your identity, your earthly falls away. Everything you are is compressed into your passport’s biometric chip, something you can tuck […]